The 3 W’s of Leavittinlove

Welcome to Leavittinlove!

If you’re reading this (OMG!) that means you’ve made your way to my humble little blog.  First of all I can’t thank you enough for taking this journey with me, and hope that as one, we can grow together.  I put a lot of thought into the time and effort I was willing to devote to an alternative creative outlet for myself, and you’ll be able to find the fruits of that labor here. Hang on tight, preparing for liftoff…

What is Leavittinlove?

As an intro to what you’ll be able to find here, I thought I’d use my very *FIRST* blog post to set some ground rules.  First off, I am not claiming to be a phenomenal writer and my views/opinions shared are my own.  I always welcome and encourage others viewpoints, and am happy to have a dialogue surrounding anything posted here.  What I won’t tolerate is disrespectful or derogatory comments or language aimed at myself or anyone else.

My goal is to share with you the experiences I find during one of my travels, lost in a fiction novel, or in my daily life.  I simply craved an outlet to be able to creatively share some of the things that positively shape my view of the world.  That may sound a little extreme for 1 women living among 7.4 billion people, but hey worth a shot right!

Who is Leavittinlove?

Please visit the “ABOUT” page to find out a little more about me as well as ways to connect with me on various social media platforms. You can also use the “WHERE IN THE WORLD IS LEAVITTINLOVE” page to contact me with feedback, suggested topics, or good vibes!

Love & Light


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