So I started a Blog…

…now what?? Apparently it isn’t all rainbows and blue skies.

If I’m being honest, which is part of this whole blog journey, I actually began this project in July 2016. I came up with the name I wanted to use, wrote down all these ideas, put a rough draft together and then POOF, it [literally] died on me.

Why you ask? Well these things take time, effort, a heavy dose of self-confidence, and a dash of creativity, all of which I wasn’t able to commit too.  When the new year rolled around I decided to add it to my resolution list, and well, here I am.  I am the [very] proud owner of a shiny new blog, email, and Instagram account to match!

*Shameless plug* you can follow me on Instagram at [you guessed it!] @Leavittinlove

As I mentioned in my previous post “The 3 W’s of Leavittinlove” I plan to use this mostly for book reviews/releases, promoting authors, and other literary related ideas. However, I also want to share some of my travels with you all as well, and any other good vibes I feel like spreading out into the world!

Below is some other basic information I wanted to share with you so we can stay connected!

  • You can find/connect with me on Goodreads here: Leavittinlove
  • If you have a closed Facebook group, please email me those so I can join and partake in the fun
  • I’m active on Netgally and LOVE ARC’s more than anything, so I’d LOVE ❤   suggestions on Authors/Publishers/Titles to request from there
  • Most importantly, send me your blogs so I can return the favor and follow your journeys!

That’s all the “housekeeping” details I have for now, from here on out its going to be BOOKS, BOOKS, and MORE BOOKS!!

Love & Light


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